Top 10 Richest Zambia Musicians

Top 10 Richest Zambian Musicians – Ever since the beginning of time, music has always been a tool to control the mind, set the heart dangling at the resolution unpredictable and what son of man can never phantom. In every country, the music industry has always been a source of huge income to many and is one of the most profiting careers one can think of venturing into. Zambia is not excluded from this benefit of nature, we shall be discussing in an exegetic format of the top ten musicians in Zambia.

Top 10 Richest Zambian Musicians 2020

  • 1. KAYOMBO – Net Worth: $97,000

Top 10 Richest Zambia Musicians

Kayombo is popularly known as a Zambian Dancehall Artiste. One of the rare gene music industry can have, a talented, world-rated and African rising star. He has made a huge success in the music industry, as a wise artist he is, he diverts some of his funds as an investment into boutique, real estate management and other services, these have placed him ahead his contemporaries, he’s presently the richest Musician in Zambia who is said to worth $97,000. He’s also tagged the best entertainer in Zambia till date.

  • 2. JORDAN KATEMBULA – Net Worth: $79,000

Top 10 Richest Zambia Musicians
JORDAN KATEMBULA -Richest Musicians In Zambia

Jordan is a popular Zambian vocalist, composer, and producer, he is a singer par excellence, has passionate he can be when he gets holds on the microphone to set the whole hall ablaze and move every head in the auditorium to nod like the proudly shaking of the agama lizard. Apart from being prominent in the Zambia music industry, he also invests in automobiles and other unspecified profitable business, he’s presently worth $79,000.

  • 3. CACTUS AGONY – Net Worth: $77,000

Richest Musicians In Zambia

This is another ranking and talented artist born and bred in Zambia, he is the third man ranking on the list, his chosen career as a musician has earned him a lot and brought him to spotlight, apart from being a prominent Musician in Zambia, Cactus is known for his involvement in numerous businesses, he combines being active in his own personal business/family business and his music career flawlessly.

He’s presently worth $77,000. His income has been multi-channel, he remained useful to his peers and friends.

  • 4. SALMA AND TIVO SHIKAPWASHA – Net Worth: $73,000

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Zambia

These great couples are one of the prominent Musicians in Kenya, they have been able to right combine their music career alongside by venturing into different business-like car hiring, transport services, etc.

They are currently worth $73,000.

  • 5. King Dandy – Net Worth: $72,000

Top 10 Richest Musicians In Zambia

King Dandy is popularly known for his own style of music, which deals with political messages. His special style of singing has earned him great respect, love, and support from his people. He is a musician who is known as a prophet in the music industry, as he is a singer who chants and sang about corrupt acts via his music’s, he has successfully lead a political revolution using music as his own bomb and guns.

He’s presently worth $72,000.


An organized family is a group that consists of two people who rose to fame in Zambia due to their unique style of singing and outstanding performances so far.

The duo is allegedly not famous as they were in the past but are still famous and well known for their hit songs. These two rose to success because of their consistency in the industry and have received various global recognition and moreover, their talent has been rewarding and generating them an income which brought them to the 6th richest musician in the whole of Ghana. They are presently worth $70,000.


Slap Dee is a very popular Zambia musician, who made his way to music industry and his travails have been yielding in respect to dedication he put in his career as a musician, he has various source of income outside the music industry in which some include his numerous shows, constant businesses printing, clothing, transport services, etc. he has been multi-facet, he has been dedicated to his dream and remain consistent, He’s presently worth  $68,000. He is the CEO of XYZ a popular business model in Zambia, he is a business mind individual.

  1. KANJI

As a female entertainer, also one of her rarest species, she had remained resolute in the music industry and she is faring well in recent years. The female entertainer’s huge percent of wealth is attributed to her numerous investments. Apart from being an Entertainer, she’s also popularly known as a Lawyer.

She has business investments within and outside the shores of Zambia, she has a fleet of exotic cars that are said to be latest in town, she flows around like a seasoned singer to perform in top official ceremonies She’s presently worth $61,000.


Mc Wabwino is a legend in the entertainment industry of Zambia. He has sung different music, and shared stage with the different top artists in the world, he also has dropped a lot of music single and collaborated with different musicians, artists in Zambia and out of the country.

He’s a great Musician, he receives monthly stipend allowance due to legendary measure and contribution in the music industry. This great privilege he receives has made him be ranked as the 9th richest musician in Zambia, with records of unknown properties and fleet of cars outside Zambia. He’s presently worth $59,000.


Ephraim is a popular legendary Zambia musician, he specializes mainly in gospel music.

His ranking as the 10th richest Zambian musicians is quite a shocking one because of his music specialty. He also doesn’t rely on the earnings he gets from his music alone like most Zambia artist, he invests in several businesses to double his income.

He’s presently worth $50,000.

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Conclusion On The Richest Musicians In Zambia 2020

Not just those on the list of the top 10 richest Zambian musicians 2020. Zambia as one of proficient Africa countries known for his artistic and beauty of mother nature, has houses several artists who are proudly flying the banner of the for every stage they shared with artists from other countries, the GDP of the country was increased due to increase in the rate of acceptance of Zambia artist records. It is a beauty and adds value to Africa’s having artist who is doing well in their various style of music they have chosen.

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