Top 5 Richest People In Mississippi 2020

Richest People In Mississippi

Top Richest People In Mississippi currently. Mississippi is a state in the south-eastern part of the U.S. It is the 34th most populated and the 32nd largest state in the United States. It is surrounded by states like Tennessee, Alabama, Gulf of Mexico and Louisiana. In 2010, The Bureau of Economic Analysis confirmed that Mississippi’s overall state output worth $98 billion. Besides, there are quite a lot of wealthy people in Mississippi but the richest ones will be listed below. 

Top 5 Richest People In Mississippi 2020

  • 1. James And Thomas Duff  

James and Thomas Duff are the richest men in Mississipi with a net worth of $1.35 billion apiece. The brothers make a huge amount of money annually from their tire manufacturing company. Thomas was born in 1956 and James in 1961. The duo resides in Hattiesburg, Mississippi. The brothers have acutely built the company their father, Ernest Duff left for them to a great extent. The company which they run, Southern Tire Mart employs over 1000 people and also, is in the top 3 private companies in Mississippi.

James and Thomas finished from the University of Southern Mississippi. The story of Southern Tire Mart starts with their father, Ernest Duff who was a lawyer in Mississippi. The company was founded in 1973 and it deals mainly in the production of truck tires. He died on May 27, 2016, after then, his two sons James and Thomas took over the company. 

Southern Tire Mart is currently Mississippi’s largest truck tire dealer and retread manufacturer. The company sells about 2 million trucks of tire per year and retreads another 1.5 million for customers like UPS, RYDER, and PENSKE. 

Richest People In Mississippi
Richest People In Mississippi
  • 2. Richard Scruggs 

Richard Scruggs was born in Brookhaven, Mississippi on May 17, 1946. He finished from the University of Mississippi and the University of Mississippi Law School. Richard Scruggs is one of Mississippi’s richest men with an estimated net worth of $1.7 billion. Currently, he is 73 years of age and his main source of wealth is Law. Many people knew about Richard first when he successfully sued an Abestos industry on behalf of ill-shipyard workers. Also, Mississippi appointed him to represent the state in the 1990 tobacco litigation. 

  • 3. David Rich

David Rich is an American billionaire and also, one of the richest men in Mississippi. He has an estimated net worth of $1.5 billion. He was born in Jackson, Mississippi and grew up in a family that was quite rich in the packaged food business. David Rich finished from the Bradley University and Science Virginia Theological Seminary. According to Forbes 400 Richest American list made in 2009, David Rich was rated 236th position. 

  • 4. Leslie Lampton 

Coming fourth on this list with a net worth of $760 million, Leslie Lampton, he founded Ergon, a refining and chemical conglomerate in Jackson, Mississippi.


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