Top 10 Richest Governments In The World 2020

Many Nations are not only rich when it comes to money, but they are also very rich when it comes to their rulers. It is a prideful thing when your Government is listed amongst the richest Governments in the world, and no doubt there has to be something very unique and beautiful about such a Government.

Governments are known to be very wealthy, and people who are usually in government rarely have a complaint of economic recession. If the government of a country is suffering setbacks when it comes to finances, then such government cannot take good care of its country no matter how hard they try.

Some governments also dwell on grants to take care of the affairs of the country that has elected them into power, while some governments depend on their own statistics and wealth to sustain the economy of their countries.

This article will strive to give detailed definitions and illustrations of every government which would be mentioned below, and who exactly runs the government.

Top 10 Richest Governments In The World 2020


China, as we all know, is a home to different people from different walks of life and the official language spoken in this country is Chinese, although there are other selected languages from different clans. This country is said to be the first and ranked the richest government in the world. People might begin to ask themselves how such a populated economy and place like China is ranked as the richest government? The question can be answered as swiftly as possible by saying that the more people in the country, the higher the chances of a large economy. China holds its National reserve at about $2.454.300.000.000 trillion.

Richest Governments In The World
  • 2. JAPAN

Japan, the second richest government in the world, they say is almost like China, but they speak Japanese instead. This country is known for its rich culture and tradition and even the mode of dressing and speaking has not changed, after colonialism. This country showcases its uniqueness in various ways, from soccer to tennis and other sports in the world. Japan is ranked the second richest government in the worth, and it has its National reserve estimated at about $1 trillion.

richest nation in the world
Russian Flag
  • 3. RUSSIA

This country is known to be a high ranked country in the dealing or arms, technology, and ammunition. This country’s defense line is said to be one of the strongest in the world, and they invest solely in the army base of the country to make their defense as strong as possible. Although it has a very solid economy, it is also ranked as the third richest government in the world with a National reserve of about $458 billion.

Saudi Arabia Government
Saudi Arabia Flag

This place is known as the birthplace of the Islamic religion, as it started first in this country. The Muslim population covers half of the world’s population, and this country is a fatherland to all Muslims. Muslims who go to Saudi Arabia is highly welcomed as family and received with smiles on their faces, and almost anyone who goes into Saudi Arabia has to follow the customs of the Sharia law no matter what, and that involves covering your body as a woman, especially if you are married. The National reserve of this country is worth about $395 billion.

Richest Government In The World
Taiwan Flag
  • 5. TAIWAN

This country is ranked as the fifth richest government in the world, and though it is a less popular nation unlike the ones listed above, this country has gone through all odds to stay unified and stand strong. The National reserve of this country is estimated at about $362 billion.

  • 6. INDIA

This country is one place where the best of delicacies is served by the world’s best chefs. The cultural reserve in this country has lasted longer than any other country in the world. The National reserve of this country is estimated at $279 billion.


This country is ranked the seventh richest government in the world, and this country has progressed so much in the movie industry that their movies can almost be equated with that of America. The National reserve of this country is estimated at about $274 billion.


This country is the home to the world bank and it is known to be a very expensive country with expensive cities in it. This country is ranked the eighth richest government in the world, and the National reserve of this country is estimated at about $262 billion.

  • 9. HONG KONG

Also known as the wife of China, is a very large country with a rich economy and it has a ranking of the world’s most populous country. This country has a National reserve of about $256 billion and it is the ninth richest government in the world.

  • 10. BRAZIL

Known for their swiftness and strength at keeping external influences away from the country. It was rumored that the most beautiful white girls come from Brazil. This country is ranked the tenth richest government in the world, with a great and stable economy. The National reserve of this country is estimated at about $255 billion.

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So many countries have stable economies, but one common thing amongst these countries is that they are all developed countries. Also, most underdeveloped countries, and developing nations are always faced with bankruptcy in the treasury of the nation due to selfish interest of the leaders, embezzlement, frivolous spending on irrelevant things in order to retain their seat and various position of power.

Some governments have been known to be worth billions of dollars, and though it doesn’t look like it at all, they live very comfortably in such a country. Sometimes you might ask yourself questions like what a government does being rich gives to the country.

A country with a rich government is one that is worth an enormous amount of wealth and has its citizens leading a good life the way they want to. Some governments sadly do not always take care of their country even when there are funds to do so.

This is popularly known as embezzling of funds which should have been used to take proper care of the citizens of that country. Some governments allow their citizens to do the unthinkable in order for them to sustain a living for themselves and for their families.

Generally, it is widely believed that there are no bad people, only bad governments, and this is why no matter how much people try to voice out their needs to the government and tell them about their frustrations of living from hand to mouth, these citizens never get any positive action or response from the government and are left to go on with their menial jobs which would fetch them money to sustain their living.

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