Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World 2020

Real Madrid

Update on the list of richest football clubs in the world 2020. Football is an intensely popular and prominent game in this era. Football is a game played in almost 200 dependent countries by over 200 million players which makes it the most known game all over the world. The game of football is rich, exquisite and adorable. Many of the footballers are treated as celebrities which makes them immensely famous and opulent. Although top-notch football players are rich and wealthy but don’t forget, they play for a team.

What about these football teams? Are they wealthy and opulent too? Definitely yes!  The team that controls these rich players is rich, expensive and they worth a high amount of money. Although we have a quite high number of rich and opulent football teams, only the top ten richest ones will be mentioned in this article. Read the piece below to know more about the current top ten richest football clubs in the world.

Top 10 Richest Football Clubs In The World 2020

Richest Teams In The World
  • 1. FC Barcelona

FC Barcelona is based in Catalonia, Spain and it is the richest football club in the world. FC Barcelona was founded on November 29, 1899. FC Barcelona is a professional football team with over 450 million fans worldwide. The team has endorsement deals with great organizations like Rakuten, Nike, Konami, 1XBET, Beko and many more. Barcelona has been one of the founding clubs of the Spanish league and has always performed brilliantly. This vibrant football team has always been the dream of many upcoming footballers.  The current president of the team is Josep Maria Bartomeu who is also a Spanish entrepreneur.

FC Barcelona has won 26 La Liga titles, 30 Copa Del Rey, 13 Super Copa De Espana, 5 UEFA champions league and many more.  Some of FC Barcelona’s best players in history are Lionel Messi, Ronaldinho, Maradona, Johan Cruyff, Xavi, Samuel Eto, and Pep Guardiola. The team is consistent and it performs brilliantly in various competitions both in Europe and Spanish leagues. This football club is always regarded as the rival of Real Madrid in Spain. Moreover, both teams are excellent and do perform vibrantly in competitions. FC Barcelona is the richest football club in the world with total revenue of $959.3 million.

Real Madrid
Real Madrid
  • 2. Real Madrid

Real Madrid is currently the second richest football team in the world for now. The team was founded on March 2, 1902. Real Madrid is a great participant in Europe and most especially Spanish competitions. Some of Real Madrid sponsorship partners are Adidas, Emirates, EA Sports, Hankook Tires, Hugo Boss and Exness Group.  Florentino Perez Rodriguez who is a Spanish businessman, civil engineer, and a former politician is the current president of Real Madrid. Real Madrid has over 350 million fans worldwide. The team is highly regarded for its consistency and brilliant performance in various competitions. Real Madrid has won the Spanish league 33 times, the Copa Del Rey for 19 times, the European cup for 13 times and more. This football club is also the first club to win the UEFA Champions League three consecutive times since its inception in 1992.

Apart from the super sponsorship partners the club has, the club has also been a home for most professional players in the world. Some of Real Madrid’s best players since its inception are Alfredo Di Stephano, Zinedine Zidane, Raul, Iker Casillas, Roberto Carlos, Kaka, Delima Ronaldo, Xabi Alonso, David Beckham, Robinho, and Christiano Ronaldo. Even after the departure of a great player like Christiano Ronaldo from the club, Real Madrid still doesn’t lose its value both monetary and in performance. Another main reason why Real Madrid is respected in the football world is that it makes use of highly skilled and professional football players who ensures the regular consistency the team has since its inception. Real Madrid is one of the richest football clubs in the world for now with total revenue of $847.7 million.

Top 10 Richest Teams In The World
Manchester United
  • 3. Manchester United

Manchester United is a professional football club with a total revenue amount of $751.8 million. This football team was founded in 1878. Man united current president is Malcolm Irvin Glazier. This team is located in England and has always been a superfluous participant in England’s premier league. The team is also known as the Man United or Red Devils. Man United has up to 650 million fans worldwide. Some of Man united sponsorship partners are Chevrolet, Adidas, AON, Kohler, 20th Century Fox, and Aeroflat.  Manchester United has won 3 UEFA Champions League titles, a UEFA Europa Cup, one UEFA Super cup and so on. Another reason why Manchester United is valuable and highly respected is because of its professional and amazing players. Some of the best players in the history of Manchester United are Micheal Owen, Joe Spence, Jose Mourinho, Ryan Giggs, Christiano Ronaldo, David Beckham, Andy Cole, Wayne Rooney, Alex Ferguson, and Carloz Tevez.

Richest Football Clubs In The World
Bayern Munich
  • 4. Bayern Munich

Bayern Munich was founded on 27th February 1900. The football club is located in Bavaria, Munich, Germany. Bayern Munich is also known as Bayern and has been a successful team in Germany. Bayern Munich is not only known for its vibrant performance in the Bundesliga but also in other various European competitions.  Currently, Herbert Hainer is the president of Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich has over 45 million fans throughout the world. The football team has won the Bundesliga German League for 29 times,  the German League for 8 times, the UEFA champions league 5 times, the Intercontinental Cup two times, a UEFA super cup and so on. Some of the major Bayern Munich sponsor partners are Audi, Telekom, Coca Cola, Adidas, and Lufthansa.  Bayern Munich has a total revenue amount of $710.3 million. Some of the best players that have played in this amazing team are Gerd Muller, Philipp Lahm, Franck Ribery,  Micheal Ballack,  Ludwig Goldbrunner and Samuel Kuffour.

  • 5. Manchester City

Manchester City also known as Man city was founded in 1880. This football club is located in Manchester, England. Man City is one of the richest and top-notch teams in the world. Man City has always been a spectacular performer in the Premier League and various competitions. This club has won the  English league 6 times, the F.A Cup for six times, English league cup for 7 times and the English Supercup for 6 times. Manchester City’s total revenue amount is $641.6 million. Moreover, the team has over 110 million fans worldwide. Some of Manchester City’s best players since its inception are Pep Guardiola, Robinho, Andy Cole, Yaya Toure, and Carlos Tevez.

  • 6. Paris Saint-Germain

Paris Saint Germain is a football team located in Paris, France. Paris Saint Germain popularly called PSG is currently the sixth richest football club in the world with a total revenue amount of $611.5 million. PSG was founded on August 12, 1970, and has been a great performer in the French league and other various competitions in the football world. PSG has a wide variety of high-class players and over 30 million fans all over the world.

  • 7. Liverpool FC

Liverpool FC is also one of the wealthiest football clubs in the world. Liverpool football team was founded on June 3, 1892, and belongs to the England football league. Since Liverpool’s inception, it has not only been an amazing team in the English league but also in various global football competitions. Some of Liverpool’s sponsorship partners are Adidas, Warrior Sports, Chartered and so on. Liverpool has a total revenue amount of $579.9 million.

  • 8. Chelsea

Chelsea was founded on March 10, 1905, and is located in Fulham, London. Chelsea is the first British football team to win all the three main UEFA trophies. Furthermore, Chelsea has over 145 million fans worldwide. The Chelsea football shirt is sponsored by Yokohama tires which are a wealthy rubber company situated in Japan. Some of the best players in Chelsea’s history are Frank Lampard, Didier Drogba, John Terry, Micheal Ballack, Mark Hughes, and David Webb. Currently, Chelsea generates revenue of $570.9 million which makes it the eight richest football club in the world.

  • 9. Arsenal

Arsenal was founded in October 1886 in Islington, London, England. This football team has won 13 English league titles, 13 FA Cups, a UEFA cup, 2 league cups and so on. Arsenal is the first southern team in England to join the Football League. Some of Arsenal’s sponsorship partners are Santa Rica, Konami, Acronis, Cover-More and GKFX. Currently, the total revenue of the Arsenal football club is $495.8 million.

  • 10. Tottenham Hotspur

Tottenham Hotspur is another affluent football club and was founded in 1882. This football club is based in Tottenham, London, United Kingdom. Tottenham Hotspur has a total revenue amount of $483.5 million. Currently, it is AIA( American Institute of Architects) sponsors Tottenham jersey.

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There are still many football clubs in the world that generate high revenue and might be on this list in the coming years. Teams such as Juventus, Atletico Madrid, and Borrusia Dortmund are most likely to be part of the top ten richest teams soon. For now, the teams mentioned above are the wealthiest.

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