Top 10 Highest-Paid Players In PSL 2020 

Khama Billiat

The South African Premier Soccer League is no doubt among the best in Africa. The way the teams in this league play, can be very interesting. But excellence isn’t the only impressive thing the clubs in this league have, money is also another thing they have. And if you’d like to learn about the top 10 highest-paid football players in this league, you’ve come to the right place.

Top 10 Highest-Paid Players In PSL 2020 

Khama Billiat
Khama Billiat
  • 1. Khama Billiat

Khama Billiat is the richest of all players in the South African Premier Soccer League. And if you know one or two things about the PSL, you’d have little or no problem believing this. This footballer is not a striker. He actually happens to be a midfielder. And his performance is far from being a thing you can ignore.

It is also important stating that Khama Billiat is not a South Africa, even though he plays for a South African club. The 29-year-old is rather from Zimbabwe. The footballer has been playing for South African clubs since he was 21. But when it comes to competitions among nations, the footballer plays for his country, Zimbabwe.

Highest Paid Players in PSL
Itumeleng Khune
  • 2. Itumeleng Khune

The second-highest-paid footballer in South Africa, is Itumeleng Khune. You may assume the footballer to be a striker or a midfielder; but this can’t be more wrong. Itumeleng Khune happens to be a goalkeeper. And that alone should be enough to help you understand how good the man is, when it comes to goalkeeping. Itumeleng Khune who presently plays for Kaizer Chiefs F.C., is said to be about 32 years of age. It might also be important to state that the footballer has spent his whole career at Kaizer Chiefs F.C.

Most Paid Player In PSL
Teko Modise
  • 3. Teko Modise

If you’re quite conversant with the Premier Soccer League, you’d understand Teko Modise is not one of those footballers you can ignore. The footballer is a very impressive one. And if you’ve ever seen him on the pitch, you would definitely have noticed how much he contributes to games. But unlike the first two guys we have discussed, Teko Modise is not a footballer we can consider young. As of the time of writing this content, he is stated to be about 37 years of age. And not only does he play for a South African club, the footballer also happens to be a citizen of the country.

Anthony Laffor
Anthony Laffor
  • 4. Anthony Laffor

Anthony Laffor also ranks among the highest-paid footballers in the Premier Soccer League. And not only is he one of the highest paid, he also ranks as one of those who have played for up to 5 different teams. Furthermore, the teams he has played for, are not all South African teams. He has played for LISCR, Ashanti Gold, Jomo Cosmo, SuperSport United, and Mamelodi Sundowns.

  • 5. Siyanda Xulu

Siyanda Xulu who plays for the Maritzburg United F.C., is also one of the highest-paid players in the Premier League Soccer. The fact that he’s one of the highest-paid in the league, is enough to prove the fact that he’s very good at what he does. And as of the time of writing this content, the South African defender is claimed to be 28 years of age. Siyanda Xulu has played for four different teams in his senior career. The defender also happens to be in the South African National team.

  • 6. Elias Pelembe

Next on our list is Elias Pelembe. This 6th highest paid PSL player is so good that he’s been able to earn himself a name, Domingues. His results are enough to speak for him, but if you still don’t believe, you should take some time to watch him in action. It is also worthwhile stating that the footballer isn’t a South Africa. He’s rather a citizen of Mozambic. He has furthermore played for four clubs in his senior career. And these clubs are namely: Desportivo Maputo, SuperSport United, Mamelodi Sundowns, and Bidvest Wits.

  • 7. Bernard Parker

Bernard Parker who is about 34 years of age, also happens to be one of the highest-paid in the PSL. The football player started his football career in 2004, and he’s proven himself to be an outstanding player. As of the time of writing this content, the 34-year-old man is stated to be playing for Kaizer Chiefs F.C; don’t forget this is also the team Itumeleng Khune presently plays for.

  • 8. Dean Furman

Dean Furman is also one of those men you can’t afford to leave out of a content like this one. Unlike the other guys in this content, this footballer spent his youth career playing for clubs in England. The footballer, during his youth career, played for teams like Chelsea and Rangers. He also started his senior career in Rangers. So far, he has played for the following football clubs: Radlett Rangers, Chelsea, Rangers, Bradford City, Oldham Athletic, Doncaster Rovers, and SuperSport United.

Dean Furman is a South African. He plays with the jersey number 8, and he’s currently about 31 years of age. The footballer is very good at what he does, and it’s great to have people like him in the PSL.

  • 9. Oupa Manyisa

Mamelodi Sundowns Football Club is a club filled with well-paid footballers. And Oupa Manyisa who plays for the club, happens to be one of the highest-paid players in the PSL. The football player started his youth career at Napoli FC [South Africa], before moving PJ Stars. He also played for the Africa Sports Youth Academy, before starting his senior career at Orlando Pirates. He played for Orlando Pirates from 2008 to 2017. Then he moved to Mamelodi Sundowns in 2017. It is also worthwhile stating that the footballer wears the jersey number 7.

  • 10. George Lebese

Last on our list, is George Lebese. This footballer not only plays in the PSL, he also happens to be a South African. He is no doubt very good at what he does. We wouldn’t also be surprised, if he moves up this rank, in some years to come. George Lebese started his senior career in 2007. And he always been very consistent in his performance, and we don’t expect a drop in his performance anytime soon. Teams he has played for, include: Arcadia Shepherds, Kaizer Chiefs, Sundowns, SuperSport United [loan], and Colorado Springs Switchbacks. As of the time of writing this content, he is 31 years of age.


We wrote this article with the intention of providing an answer for people curious about the top 10 highest paid PSL players. In other words, great care was exercised while writing this content. So if you find some other content which contradicts what we have here, be rest assured the mistake isn’t on our side. You should also note that some other contents out there are old, so it shouldn’t really be surprising if you find contradictory information.


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